Inductive Tube Sensor - IS 70 PSK-TSSL

Part Number: IS 70 PSK-TSSL

Article Number: 202997

Inductive tube sensors are the perfect solution for the detection of metallic parts in automated feeding systems. These sensors are featured by a high resolution and short response time and will be mainly applied for parts detection and stow control.

  • Static or dynamic working principle
  • High-resolution and insensitive versions available
  • Compact design
  • High resolution
  • Low weight
  • Metal connector M8 or pig tail with connector M12
  • Slot for quick mounting

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Technical Details

Operating principle Static
Max. operating distance 14 mm
Service voltage 10 … 35 V DC (Supply Class 2)
Switching output pnp, 200 mA, NO
No-load current (max.) 15 mA
Speed of parts (max.) 35 m/s
Activation time 100 ms
Housing material Plastic
Protection type IP 67
Ambient temperature during operation -25 … +70 °C
Connection Connector, M8, 3-pin