Vision Sensor

Our CS-60 Vision Sensor offers outstanding flexibility with easy to use intuitive software.

Due to easy lens changing and integrated high-performance illumination, the CS-60 creates excellent images with respect to distance, field of vision and resolution. The extensive tools can be easily expanded through software upgrades and may be individually customized as needed. Comfortable, logical linking of tools and the versatile Profinet connection to the existing PLC allows for easy installation and adaption to exisiting control system.

Comprehensive focal lengths through M12 interchangeable lenses
for satisfying all common application requirements in the industrial vision sensor area
High-performance image-processing tools and a user-friendly, intuitive software interface
ensure easy and seamless integration
Integrated high power LED illumination in red and white
Illumination can be switched in the software for optimal startup at high speed and at a large working distance

Upgrade function
The modules “Measurement” and “1D and 2D code Reading” can be acquired separately or together as a software expansion to the standard module (Localization, Detection, Counting) with a simple license model.
In addition to upgrades, we also offer the expansion or modification of the nVision-i software for tailored solutions – including startup support for maximum productivity and quality gains.
Supports industry protocols
Digital E/A, TCP/IP¹, Profinet², HTTP, FTP and ReST-API are supported
Robust, compact casing with protection class IP67
For use in working environments with active washing without the application of additional protective equipment
Reliable and fast: The ID Read tool for all common 1D and 2D code types